Looking for a more natural and holistic approach to your skin care?

Treating the body as a whole with a natural, non-toxic and chemical free approach will give your skin lasting results without causing harm or wounding it.

Your skin reflects what is happening on the inside of your body. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine allows me to be able to look at the body as whole and give your skin direction to correct any concerns that you have.

Any ailment to any other organ would require proper treatment done over a course of time.

We don’t go to a specialist with a liver, kidney, heart or other organ problem and ask him to dump some acid on it or poke it full of holes with needles to heal it and make it young again in one visit! Why do we think (and do) this with our skin?!?

Correcting acne, pigmentation & other skin issues such as eczema takes time, commitment and dedication to seeing the permanent change you desire.


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Come give yourself the self care you deserve!