Oncology Services * Hush and Hydrate 60 minuntes $55

Customized facial service for those going through cancer treatment. A totally relaxing , rejuvenating and hydrating experience.

The Express Facial – $75

You will receive a thorough, professional deep clean, a brightening Vitamin C mask, an antioxidant serum with some LED light therapy for penetration, a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen so you can be on your way looking absolutely fabulous!


Corrective Facial $130

Your treatment is completely customized to your specific skin concerns. Skin analysis and products are used that will be the most beneficial for your skin’s needs at the time of your treatment.  Whether your skin needs some hydration, brightening or calming redness, this facial will be the rejuvenating experience that will address your skin care concerns.


Microcurrent “Lifting” Facial $155

Microcurrent is a non-invasive technology with the ability to provide long-lasting, natural facial lifting and toning results. Low level electrical signals like those naturally occurring in the body is used for boosting ATP for anti-aging, cellular repair, stimulating collagen and elastin, increasing circulation, muscle re-education, skin firmness and tightening.   * The results are accumulative and multiple treatments are recommended for best results.   “It’s like Pilates for the face!”

  • 6 weekly mini-micro treatment enhancer – $570 ** Add a boost to your treatment plan with some extra lift!


Facial Infusion

The treatment utilizes a bio-available form of Vitamin A and an Infusion tool with nano-sized spheres that create micro-channels for enhanced product absorption but does not puncture the skin. No down time! *requires a product protocol. 

This facial:

  1. Increases collagen production and circulation
  2. Increases cell turnover
  3. Increases hydration
  4. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots
  5. Visibly improves texture of the skin and diminishes scar tissue
  6. Reduces blemishes and inflammation

LED Light Therapy Facial

LED light therapy uses different wavelengths (or colors) of light.The skin will absorb the light into the skin and use it to stimulate cellular metabolic processes and regeneration (i.e. makes it act like a kid again!) It helps reduce fine lines, minimize pore size, increase moisture retention and you will have a natural, healthy glow! It is a safe, effective and clinically proven treatment for acne and wrinkles. Get a radiant complexion.


Facial Waxing

Eye brow wax – complete shaping. $20

Lip or chin wax or brow maintenance – $12

Cancellation Policy:

Please cancel 24 hrs prior to the day of your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee of $50.

Cancellation of your appointment on the day of will result in a fee of the total cost of the service booked.

Thank you for your cooperation.